The Services Of The Christian Year

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

This section includes the range and depth of Christian observances so that one may understand and practice the Christian year intelligently, sensitively, and joyfully. The history and theology of the Christian year, the primary seasons, resources for the season after Pentecost, and commemoratives of the church are included.

The Practice Of The Christian Year

  1. The Christian Year Among The Churches

Introduction To The Christian Year

  1. History And Theology

The Season Of Advent

  1. Introduction To Advent Worship
  2. Resources For Planning Advent Worship
  3. The Arts In Advent Worship
  4. Sample Advent Services

The Season Of Christmas And Epiphany

  1. Introduction To Epiphany And Christmas Worship
  2. Resources For Planning Christmas And Epiphany Worship
  3. The Arts From Christmas To Epiphany
  4. Sample Services For Christmas And Epiphany
  5. The Season After Epiphany

The Season Of Lent

  1. Introduction To Lenten Worship
  2. Resources For Planning Lenten Worship
  3. The Arts In Lenten Worship
  4. Sample Services For Lent

Resources For Holy Week

  1. An Introduction To Holy Week
  2. Resources For Planning Holy Week Worship
  3. Worship On Palm / Passion Sunday
  4. Worship On Maundy Thursday
  5. Worship On Good Friday
  6. Other Services For Holy Week

The Season Of Easter And Pentecost

  1. Introduction To The Season Of Easter
  2. The Easter Or Paschal Vigil
  3. Worship During The Season Of Easter
  4. Worship On Pentecost Sunday

The Season After Pentecost And Other Commemorations

  1. The Season After Pentecost
  2. Other Commemorations In The Christian Calendar