Other Commemorations In The Christian Calendar

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Throughout the history of Christianity, the church has set aside days to recall important events of the Christian faith, the contributions of heroes of the faith, and events recorded in Scripture. The following entries describe some of these observances so that readers unfamiliar with these commemorations will gain a fuller understanding of the faith of those who have gone before them. The memory of these events also challenges the church to remain faithful in its witness and to renew...

Commemoration Of Events In The Life Of Christ

The Christian calendar is designed to focus our attention on the life of Christ. Thus, the most significant of the minor commemorations of the church are those that recall events in the life of Christ not already mentioned in earlier chapters of this volume. Some churches schedule separate services for these days; others include the events as part of their customary Sunday worship. Prayers not identified in this article are from the Lutheran Book of Worship.

Commemorations Of Other Events Recorded In Scripture

The following events recording in Scripture have also been commemorated throughout the history of the church. These days of commemoration call the church's attention to events and portions of Scripture that otherwise may be overlooked.

Commemoration Of The Apostles And Saints

The Christian calendar also allows for the memory of those special persons in the life of the church who were called to be instruments of the gospel. Paul speaks of all Christians as saints (Rom. 15:25), and throughout the history of the church, the lives and testimony of these people have been models for commitment, servanthood, and faith. Worship should not be ordered and organized around them, however, because worship celebrates God's saving deeds in Christ.

Other Commemorations

Throughout the history of the church, other observances have developed that focus on various dimensions of Christian piety. Not all Christians recognize these commemorations, the practice of which has tended to ebb and flow during Christianity's two thousand years. This article presents descriptions of liturgical resources for some of these days.

Observance Of A National Holiday

Although the church calendar does not include civil holidays, the message of the gospel does have important implications for life in government and society. Thus, some worship traditions have appropriated readings for selected civil holidays.

Observance Of Events In The History Of The Christian Church

Almost all worshiping communities recall the anniversaries of important days in their history as occasions to bless and thank God for his faithfulness to them. Some of the events are important to entire worshiping traditions; others are significant in the life of individual congregations.