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In the past two decades the Christian community has experienced a dynamic rebirth as churches around the world have turned their hearts and minds toward a deeper understanding of what it means to worship God. WorshipLibrary includes the Gold Medallion Award winning The Complete Library of Christian Worship, originally compiled and edited by Robert E. Webber, Th.D., and brings the theory and reality of worship together as an educational, applicational, and inspirational online study center. Currently featuring over 600 contributing editors and writers, research and assistance from more than 60 traditional Christian denominations, and insightful materials from thousands of texts and publications, this ever expanding, living library of invaluable and timeless resources will benefit pastors, worship leaders, artists, teachers, and students alike.

The Services Of The Christian Year

This section includes the range and depth of Christian observances so that one may understand and practice the Christian year intelligently, sensitively, and joyfully. The history and theology of the Christian year, the primary seasons, resources for the season after Pentecost, and commemoratives of the church are included.

Music And The Arts In Christian Worship

This section examines all the forms and styles of music and the arts from both the past and the present. Articles detail the historical development of music, the visual arts, drama, dance, and mime. Use of the arts is addressed, providing the reader with sensitive and detailed guidance for implementing or introducing music and the arts in his or her own worship community.

The Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship

This section provides a solid grounding in what the Bible has to say about worship. These articles and resources explore worship in both the Hebrew tradition and the early Christian church.

The Ministries Of Christian Worship

This section has resources for the immediate practice of worship within the gathered community and in the world to which the community ministers. Articles deal with pastoral care, spiritual formation, initiation, and nurture and address the church’s outreach by showing the connection of worship to hospitality, evangelism, and social justice.

The Renewal Of Sunday Worship

This section offers a number of useful resources for the task of thinking through worship renewal and in leading the congregation in renewed worship. Articles include patterns of worship, materials on preaching, and helpful ideas for worship planners and leaders that run the gamut from the liturgical to praise-and-worship traditions.

The Sacred Actions Of Christian Worship

This section shares sacred actions in terms of their biblical roots, their historical development, and their worldwide observance in Christian churches today. The practice of sacred actions in all major denominations, the history of the sacraments, baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and Christian worship for the seasons of life are given thorough attention.

Twenty Centuries Of Christian Worship

This section shows the ways biblical worship has found expression in different cultures and in a variety of settings. Articles develop the links between New Testament worship and the worship of the early centuries of the Christian church, the history of Eastern Orthodox and Catholic worship, Reformation worship and the post-Reformation era from 1600–1900, and the modern era. Historic models, theologies, and new directions in worship are also explored.