The Arts In Lenten Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

On first thought, it may seem that the arts would not have a role in the quiet, reflective, preparatory season of Lent. But, in fact, it is the quietness and reflection of Lent which gives the arts a role as important as in any other season. For the arts are often able to express and call forth the self-examination, meditation, and reflection appropriate to this season. The following section provides guidelines for the use of the arts during Lent.

The Environment For Lenten Worship

Thinking about the environment for worship requires delving into the meaning of Lent. The following article explains the meaning of Lent and draws out implications for how the visual arts may be used to complement Lenten worship.

The Environment For The Services Of Lent

Planning the visual environment for worship requires understanding the liturgical needs of each individual service of the season. This article examines each service and presents particular ways to express the themes of Lent through the visual elements of worship and space.