Introduction To Lenten Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

On Ash Wednesday, the church marks an important transition, beginning the great cycle of Easter that extends from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost. The season of Lent is not primarily a meditation on the suffering and cross of Christ; this is saved for Holy Week. Rather, it is a season of penitence and prayer, reflection and renewal, all designed to prepare the worshiping community for the remembrance of Christ's death and celebration of his resurrection during Holy Week. More specifically, Lent...

An Introduction To Lent

The history of Lent reveals traditions rich with meaning. Lent deepened the experience of early Christian community as new believers were baptized and as the events of Christ's death and resurrection were celebrated.

The Spiritual Discipline Of Lent

The following article describes the Lenten spiritual journey and suggests practical means for personal and corporate renewal.

Some Questions And Answers About Lent

Below is an educational piece on the meaning of Lent that may be reprinted in the church bulletin or other local publication. Adapt it to meet the needs of your congregation.