The Arts From Christmas To Epiphany

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Christmas is a time of pageantry, for drama, musicals, special dramatic services, and joyous festivity. Consequently there is more worship material available for the Christmas season than any other season of the church year. The arts may be used effectively as servants of the Christmas text in the music of the Entrance, in dramatic readings and presentations of Scripture, in sermons, in processions and recessions, and in special services such as Christmas Eve or Epiphany. Some practical...

The Use Of The Arts In Christmas Worship

The arts during Christmas may symbolize the Incarnation and thus speaks in a profound way to the meaning of "God with us. " Adapt the suggestions below to local customs.

The Worship Environment At Christmas

Will the parish Christmas decorations show good liturgical sense? Here are some guidelines for planning the worship environment for the Christmas season.

An Anthology Of Songs And Hymns For Christmas And Epiphany

There are more songs and hymns available for Christmas than for any other time in the Christian year. The following are representive selections appropriate for worship. Care should be taken to avoid hymns and songs that do not center on the coming of Christ at Christmas, such as is the case in many secular songs of the season. Article #159 provides a key to the hymnal abbreviations used below.

Christmas Musicals

Many congregations include in their worship life during the Christmas season a musical drama in which many of the children of the congregation participate. The following article describes some recently published musicals for consideration.