Introduction To The Christian Year

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

The History And Theology Of The Christian Year

Regulating the life of the church today by the Christian calendar is no easy task. Life-long habits need to be reoriented to this way of marking time. If churches are to accomplish this task, worship leaders and planners must learn a great deal about the history and theology that have shaped the Christian calendar. The great benefit of the Christian year is that the worshiping church is able to follow a rich and meaningful way of orienting its life around the work of Jesus Christ. As shown in this section, studying the history and theology of the Christian year can only help the church do justice to the profound implications of each aspect of Jesus' life.


  1. What Is The Christian Year?
  2. The Problem Of The Civil Year In Worship
  3. The Origins Of The Christian Year
  4. A Theology Of The Christian Year
  5. How The Practice Of The Christian Year Affects Congregational Life
  6. An Overview Of The Christian Year
  7. Colors Of The Christian Year
  8. Introduction To The Anthology Of Congregational Song