An Introduction To Holy Week

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Holy Week is the most significant week of the year for Christian worship. During this week the church remembers the events of Christ's passion and death. The attention of the worshiper during this week is directed to the Lamb of God, the Suffering Servant, the Savior of the world. In worship the church traces Jesus' life through the events of the last days before his death. In doing so, it sees again its own sin and failure, but marvels at the love of Christ for the world. This is a week for...

Introduction To The Services Of Holy Week

The following article is a rapid tour of the traditional services of Holy Week. Each of the primary services is discussed briefly, with attention to their primary themes and the features that make each service unique. For more detailed explanation, see the chapters that follow.

Holy Week In The Early Church

Worship renewalists have revived the ancient customs of Holy Week worship. In particular Holy Week worship centers around the re-enactment of the last days of Christ. This article summarizes worship on those days in the early church.

The Great Triduum

A special practice of early Christian worship was to treat the three days from Thursday night to Sunday morning as an act of one continuous worship. That practice of the "Three Great Days" has been revived in the worship renewal of the twentieth century.

Holy Week In The Eastern Orthodox Tradition

Contemporary worship renewalists in the West have become increasingly interested in the worship content and style of the Eastern Orthodox church. The article below suggests what Western Christians may learn from Eastern worship.

The Environment For Holy Week Worship

The following article suggests ways in which the worship environment can be appropriately designed for the services of Holy Week.