Worship On Good Friday

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Good Friday has always been a solemn day for prayer, repentance, and the remembrance of Jesus' death on the cross. The reasources of this section will help congregations understand the meaning of this day of bright sadness and will provide services to order and organize the spiritual journey of the congregation through corporate worship. Adapt these services to local usage and style.

An Introduction To Good Friday Worship

This article traces the most ancient traditions of Good Friday worship. With these in mind, the reader and worship planner will be able to put into context the articles and resources that follow.

The Origin And Meaning Of The Veneration Of The Cross Service

The aim of this essay is to set forth the origin and the significance of the Veneration of the Cross service with the hope that it will provide the basis for a more faithful interpretation and practice of the Veneration of the Cross service.

An Explanation Of The Veneration Of The Cross Service

The comments below explain the modern practice of the Veneration of the Cross service. This ancient service was recovered and mandated for use in Roman Catholic parishes in 1956 and has provided the basis for many reforms in Protestant worship on Good Friday since that time. Adapt to local usage and custom.

An Order For The Veneration Of The Cross Service

The following liturgy is based on the historical insights described in the last two articles. Adapt the service below to local usage and custom.

A Creative Good Friday Service

The following outline for Good Friday worship does not follow the traditional pattern described in the preceding articles. This plan will be especially helpful for congregations that worship in a more informal manner.

An Order For “the Seven Last Words” Service

Many congregations order their worship on Good Friday around the seven statements that Christ spoke on the cross. The following liturgy provides an example of this type of service.