Introduction To Advent Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Advent is the time of preparation for the birth of Christ. Historically, however, Advent was not the beginning of the Christian year, but the end. The original themes of Advent focused on the second coming of Jesus. Gradually Advent also came to mean preparing for the coming of Christ. Today we inherit both themes: the end of the Christian year and the expectation of the second coming of Christ as well as the beginning of the Christian year and the expectancy of the birth of Christ, the...

The Origins Of Advent Worship

The history of Advent teaches us a great deal about its meaning and prepares us to observe this time with reverence and understanding. This history reveals the simultaneous importance of both penitence and hope, of both remorse and rejoicing.

The Spiritual Journey Of Advent Worship

Advent is a corporate spiritual journey that calls for expectant waiting and readiness for the coming of Christ. When the church travels this journey and treats it as a discipline of life and prayer, the joy of Christmas is immeasurably intensified.

The Penitential Character Of Advent Worship

Advent is a penitential season, calling us to both personal and corporate repentance. Acts of confession and lament are appropriate not only for personal wrongdoing but also for the evil principalities and powers that pervade our culture.