Introduction To The Season Of Easter

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

The season of Easter is the season of celebration. Christ is risen! Death is conquered! Let all the people worship the Lord! The solemn preparation of Lent and somber meditation of Holy Week gives way to victorious festivity during the fifty days of Easter. It is important to see the fifty days of Easter as a season, anchored by Easter Sunday on one end and Pentecost on the other. Neither would be complete without the other. The church's worship centers on the paschal mystery of Christ's...

An Introduction To Worship From Easter To Pentecost

The tenor of the Easter season is the opposite of the that of Lenten worship. While Lent is characterized by austerity, during Easter the church celebrates. Fasting and kneeling are replaced by alleluias of celebration.

Recovering The Word Pascha

More than a language lesson, this article challenges us to understand Easter in light of the rich Old Testament imagery of the Passover.

How To Celebrate The Fifty Days

The current renewal of Easter (Pascha) has not only recovered the festal character of Sunday and of the special events of the Christian year, but the celebratory character of the entire season. This article challenges the church to make pascha a full fifty-day experience of Resurrection joy.