Worship And The Church’s Mission To The World

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Worship And Hospitality

An important, if neglected, symbol of Christian worship is the simple act of gathering for worship. In the act of coming together, the church testifies that it is a community that has come together in Jesus' name. Significantly, the worshiping community is not a closed community. Strangers are always welcome. Seekers are always sought. In receiving and welcoming strangers, the worshiping community both ministers to them and further testifies to the nature of Christ's love for the world. This suggests that the ministry of hospitality offered as the church gathers for worship is no mere formality, but an essential action for all God's people. This section explores some of the many ways in which worshipers offer hospitality to all who have gathered.

  1. A Theology Of Worship And Hospitality
  2. Worship Space And Hospitality
  3. The Worship Usher And Hospitality
  4. The Passing Of The Peace And Hospitality

Worship And Evangelism

The relationship between worship and evangelism is increasingly being rethought by American church leaders. Attempts to strengthen the church's witness to the world have led to new approaches in both evangelistic outreach and in worship. Through the Spirit's power, such developments may undoubtedly strengthen the life of the church, especially when they are rooted in careful study of the Scriptures. This section attempts to outline the scriptural and theological foundations of the important relationship between worship and evangelism. This provides an indispensable context for discussing the important relationship of these two vital ministries.

  1. Worship And The Mission Of The Church
  2. The Relationship Between Worship And Evangelism
  3. Worship And Evangelism In Nineteenth-century Revivalism
  4. Three Models For Evangelism Through Worship
  5. A Theological Critique Of Church Growth Worship
  6. Hospitality, Worship, And Evangelism

Worship And Evangelism: A Charismatic Approach

Bold witness to the person of Jesus Christ in the midst of the city is the type of evangelistic strategy that is the subject of this section. In recent years, charismatic Christians have reconsidered the role of corporate worship as a means to evangelism and have reintroduced marching and public demonstrations as a way to witness to the Christian faith. This section describes this strategy, observing the close connection between this strategy and worship.

  1. Worship Evangelism
  2. Evangelism And The Praise March
  3. A History Of The Praise March
  4. Prayerwalking

Worship And Social Justice

Christian teaching has always challenged believers both to offer worship to God and to demonstrate love for others. Yet at times the church has unnecessarily separated these two dimensions of the Christian life, limiting worship to Sunday morning and leaving acts of social justice for everyday activities. This section demonstrates how liturgy and social justice are, in fact, importantly related. In liturgy, we sense anew the importance of justice and peace in God's coming kingdom and we offer gifts and prayers in response to the needs of the world. In acts of justice, we bring to God the worship of our lives and point the world to the love, peace, and justice that ultimately are rooted in the person of Christ. Without acts of justice, worship is meaningless and repugnant in God's eyes. Without worship, justice is mere activism and self-promotion. Worship and justice are not two separate ministries, but are vitally linked dimensions of the lives of Christ's followers.

  1. An Introduction To Worship And Social Justice
  2. The Ministry Of Jesus And The Relationship Of Justice And Worship
  3. Holiness In Liturgy And Life
  4. The Moral Significance Of Worship
  5. Worship And The Cross
  6. Practical Guidelines For Worship And Social Ministry