Worship And Hospitality

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

An important, if neglected, symbol of Christian worship is the simple act of gathering for worship. In the act of coming together, the church testifies that it is a community that has come together in Jesus' name. Significantly, the worshiping community is not a closed community. Strangers are always welcome. Seekers are always sought. In receiving and welcoming strangers, the worshiping community both ministers to them and further testifies to the nature of Christ's love for the world. This...

A Theology Of Worship And Hospitality

Worship is the symbolic expression of the Christian faith. As the church gathers for worship it provides a picture of the body of Christ. The ministry of hospitality offered as the church gathers for worship communicates the reality of fellowship in Christ and welcomes the stranger into the body.

Worship Space And Hospitality

Written from a Protestant perspective with the evangelistic church in mind, the following article provides some challenging insights regarding how the very space we use for worship can aid the church's ministry of hospitality.

The Worship Usher And Hospitality

Often overlooked, but of immense importance, are the contributions of ushers to the worshiping assembly. The ministry of ushers includes not only the supervision of the congregation's gathering and dispersing but also the modeling of a spirit of prayer.

The Passing Of The Peace And Hospitality

The simple gesture of greeting one's fellow worshiper in the name of Jesus paints a profound picture of the love of Christ and his church. It signals the commitment of each worshiper to each other and embodies reconciliation in the body of Christ. This article elaborates on the meaning of this simple ritual gesture and provides an example of how the thoughtful worshiper can approach every action in Christian liturgy.