Worship And Social Justice

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Christian teaching has always challenged believers both to offer worship to God and to demonstrate love for others. Yet at times the church has unnecessarily separated these two dimensions of the Christian life, limiting worship to Sunday morning and leaving acts of social justice for everyday activities. This section demonstrates how liturgy and social justice are, in fact, importantly related. In liturgy, we sense anew the importance of justice and peace in God's coming kingdom and we...

An Introduction To Worship And Social Justice

The author of this article urges us to reconsider worship practices that often perpetuate injustices. Because corporate worship requires imposing rules and customs to enable people to celebrate and work together, it is important that such customs ascribe worth to every member in the body of Christ.

The Ministry Of Jesus And The Relationship Of Justice And Worship

Jesus' ministry portrays for us a radical vision of the kingdom of God, where God is known through forgiveness and the human community is united in love and peace. Christian liturgy points us to this vision and must be shaped according to it.

Holiness In Liturgy And Life

A primary theme in Christian worship is the holiness of God, which is celebrated by hymns and prayers found in every worship tradition. This virtue of holiness has important implications for how we view God, how we celebrate Christian liturgy, and how we relate our worship to our everyday life, all of which are discussed in the following article.

The Moral Significance Of Worship

Though we commonly think of worship as being for God's benefit, humans are also uplifted through the action of corporate worship. In this article, written from a sociological position, the author explains that the regularity of worship serves to maintain the individual in a continual state of moral tension. In worship the filter through which one views the world is regularly challenged, amended, and revitalized.

Worship And The Cross

Christian worship not only celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, but contemplates the cross. The following article, written from the charismatic worship tradition, reflects on how the meaning of the cross challenges some commonly held assumptions about the nature of worship.

Practical Guidelines For Worship And Social Ministry

Concern for social justice is properly reflected in the practice of Christian worship. The vision for the coming kingdom of God should shape not only the words of the Christian liturgies, songs, and prayers, but also the actions of the worship. This article briefly outlines ways in which very different congregations practice justice in worship and then reflects on their significance for the lives of worshipers.