Worship And Pastoral Care: A Charismatic Approach

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

An emphasis in the pastoral care ministries of charismatic churches has been spiritual healing. This aspect of pastoral care has embraced, not only prayer for physical healing, but also healing from sin and sinful patterns,"inner healing" or healing of memories, and the ministry of deliverance from demonic oppression. This section will introduce the reader to healing in the charismatic tradition and discuss its implications for Christian worship.

Pastoral Care And Direct Divine Healing

The ministry of healing has been a central aspect of the Christian faith, beginning with the work of Jesus and the apostles. Throughout Christian history, the church has pursued several approaches to the ministry of healing: hagiographical, incubational, revelational, soteriological, and confrontational.

Four Basic Types Of Healing

Effective healing ministry involves an understanding of the basic types of conditions that require healing, and the appropriate prayer methods by which each condition may be addressed.

Healing Of Sin

Physical and emotional illness is often related to underlying patterns of sinful attitude and behavior. In such situations, genuine repentance is an essential component of healing.

Inner Healing Of Emotions

Inner healing is a process through which the background causes for dysfunctional behavior and emotional distress are discovered and dealt with through prayer. A recognizable sequence of events often occurs in the effective ministration of inner healing.

Physical Healing

The ministry of prayer for physical healing involves a process of listening, physical contact where appropriate, and prayer with confidence and thanksgiving.

Deliverance And Exorcism

Deliverance ministry is intended to heal through setting people free from demonic influence over their behavior and emotions. This entry presents specific guidelines and cautions with respect to the conduct of deliverance ministry.