Introducing Worship Renewal

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

What Is Worship Renewal?

What does it mean to renew our worship? These entries explain how we can understand and recognize the renewal of worship. Worship renewal in the contemporary church has focused on two key issues: understanding what worship is and experiencing the power of worship. Both of these aspects of worship are addressed in the entries below.

  1. Defining Worship
  2. Signs Of A Worship In Need Of Renewal
  3. Signs Of A Renewing Worship
  4. Six Major Emphases Of The Liturgical Movement
  5. Worship As Celebration Of God’s Saving Deeds
  6. Worship Open To Change

Descriptions Of Worship Renewal

These entries survey styles of worship and the ways in which renewal is restoring or modifying those styles. The seven styles include liturgical, traditional Protestant, creative, charismatic, praise and worship, convergence, and seekers'/believers' worship. The survey suggests that in many traditions renewal means not only discovering new ways to worship, but also rediscovering the roots of the worshipers' particular heritage. Much renewal in worship blends two or more of these styles into a new hybrid.

  1. Seven Styles Of Morning Worship
  2. Traditional Protestant Worship
  3. Creative Worship
  4. Charismatic Worship Description
  5. Praise And Worship Description
  6. Convergence Worship Description
  7. Seekers’ Service/believers’ Worship Description

Models Of Renewing Worship

This section presents models of renewing worship from the major traditions of the Christian church. These models are intended to be studied and used, adapted and implemented. A congregation may follow these examples and make changes appropriate to its own worship. The introduction to each of the worship models provides the reader with a brief understanding of the setting from which the worship derives; the main text invites the reader and student to study the flow of worship in the tradition represented; and the commentary summarizes the distinctive features of that worship pattern.

  1. Adventist Worship
  2. African-american Worship
  3. Anabaptist Worship
  4. Baptist Worship
  5. Charismatic Worship Model
  6. Christian Church (disciples Of Christ) Worship
  7. Eastern Orthodox Worship Part I
  8. Episcopal Worship
  9. Evangelical Worship
  10. Holiness Worship
  11. Lutheran Worship
  12. Methodist Worship
  13. Pentecostal Worship
  14. Presbyterian Worship Pc (usa)
  15. Reformed Worship
  16. Roman Catholic Worship
  17. United Church Of Christ Worship
  18. Creative Worship: Taizé
  19. Convergence Worship Model
  20. Praise And Worship Model
  21. Seekers’ Service Model
  22. Believers’ Worship Model