Resources For Planning And Leading Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Being A Worship Leader

The entries in this section recognize the importance of strong servant leadership and adequate planning for most services of worship. They focus first on the character and skills necessary for leadership in worship, with specific suggestions from various traditions. The entry on planning worship covers each of the major traditions. It also provides some general comments on planning in the context of the year, planning for continuity, and using a team approach to plan worship. The entries in this section discuss qualities a worship leader needs for success besides technical proficiency in such areas as music. The first entry discusses personal preparation for worship, preparations that should precede and have priority over even planning the service itself. The most important of these is spending time with God. The next entry discusses a number of keys to being an effective worship leader, focusing on such things as the worship leader's spiritual walk, relationships with others, and his or her understanding of the role and power of music. The section concludes with a discussion of the philosophy of worship and is meant to help leaders develop their own approach to worship.

  1. Personal Preparation For Worship
  2. Keys To Effective Worship Leadership
  3. Building A Philosophy Of Worship

Developing Management Skills For Leading Worship

The entries in this section stress the management functions of worship leading. They encourage worship leaders to develop their managerial skills. Moreover, this section offers suggestions on building united worship teams, developing techniques of biblical leadership, planning, learning to serve others, and pursuing excellence.

  1. Worship Leaders Lead People
  2. Building A United Worship Team
  3. Learning Biblical Leadership Skills
  4. Worship Leaders And Planning
  5. The Worship Leader As Servant
  6. Pursuing Excellence

Leading Worship

This section answers essential questions for worship leading such as: What are the desirable qualities of a worship leader? What spiritual preparations are needed for worship leading? Other entries give practical advice for worship leaders in the small but important areas of their work. Communication and leadership skills are also discussed, as well as worship leading in small churches.

  1. What Is Worship Leading?
  2. Developing Communication Skills For Leading Worship
  3. Practical Advice For Worship Leadership
  4. Leadership With Style And Grace
  5. Leading Worship In A Smaller Church

Planning Worship

The following entries discuss different aspects of planning worship, which includes involving lay people, choosing songs, observing the church year, and enriching the flow of worship.

  1. Planning Traditional Worship
  2. Planning Creative Worship
  3. Planning Praise-and-worship-style Worship
  4. Planning Worship With The Laity
  5. Planning Worship With A Worship
  6. Planning Worship Around The Church Year
  7. Planning The Flow Of Worship
  8. The Worship Planner: Team Ministries