Resources for the Acts of Entrance

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

By using the following resources, a congregation may fulfill the very purpose of the Entrance: coming into the presence of God and preparing themselves to hear the Word of the Lord. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that such resources alone do not fulfill the purposes of the Entrance. They are the forms through which the Spirit becomes present. Consequently they are to be offered in the same way a prayer is offered-in a spirit full of joy and enthusiasm at being in the presence of God....

What Does An Entrance Do?

The acts of worship in the Entrance assemble the people and prepare them to hear the Word of God.




The Prelude

The word prelude derives from the Latin praelludium and means "to play beforehand. " It is a key musical piece in the Entrance.




The Gathering

The gathering allows the people to take their seats and ready themselves for worship.

Gathering Song(s)

Gathering songs are songs which are sung as people take their places in the worship space.




The Entrance Song

The Entrance song or hymn often signals the beginning of the formal acts of worship, particularly the procession and the entrance of the leaders of worship. The purpose of the Entrance song is to focus the mind, heart, and spirit of the worshiping community on the praise of God. The Entrance song also accompanies the action of the ministers, choir, and others who process into their places. Consequently, it is best to sing familiar music to convey the sense of coming before the Lord.

Guidelines for the Procession

A procession is an act of movement in worship by a group of people for the sake of all. In the Entrance, the procession symbolizes the entire congregation coming before the Lord.

The Greeting

The greeting in worship is a Christian exchange between the worship leader and the people.

The Call to Worship

A call to worship is directed to the people by God through the worship leader. It is an act that brings the worshiping community into being.



The Invocation (or Gathering Prayer)

The invocation calls upon God to be present to the worshiping community.



The Act of Praise

The act of praise recognizes God's transcendence and character.

The Confession of Sin

A confession of sin is an act of repentance, motivated by faith and characterized by the expectation of forgiveness.



The Words of Forgiveness (Absolution)

In God's place, the minister or worship leader speaks words of forgiveness and healing to those who repent in true faith.



Opening Prayer of the Day (Collect)

A collect is a prayer that "collects" the prayers of the people in summary fashion, places them in a context appropriate to the seasonal or thematic focus of the day, and offers them to God.