Developing Management Skills For Leading Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

The entries in this section stress the management functions of worship leading. They encourage worship leaders to develop their managerial skills. Moreover, this section offers suggestions on building united worship teams, developing techniques of biblical leadership, planning, learning to serve others, and pursuing excellence.

Worship Leaders Lead People

Worship leaders should make a priority of developing management skills, and not excuse themselves from this on the basis of their being artists. Rather, they are prophet-musicians in the church, a position that carries tremendous leadership responsibility.

Building A United Worship Team

A key to building a united worship team is to have a clearly defined statement. This entry suggests ways to go about developing such a statement, including planning a retreat for this purpose. Start beforehand by asking the right questions of your pastor. Determine what goals the team will have in your church, and work to define team values.

Learning Biblical Leadership Skills

The Bible teaches that authority has its place in the church. It shows, however, that leaders should accomplish their goals through persuasion, not power; through support, not control; through open-mindedness, not closed-mindedness. The entry suggests ways of dealing with problems that arise and suggests ways to administer discipline.

Worship Leaders And Planning

Planning is a continuous process. Scripture encourages planning, and God promises success if we will invite him to be part of the process. This entry suggests that a retreat is an ideal time for long-range planning and offers suggestions for holding such an event. The entry also discusses planning weekly worship services.

The Worship Leader As Servant

Servanthood is a powerful leadership tool. This is because, in serving others, the worship leader becomes like Jesus and walks the path that led to his glorification through obedience. Worship leaders serve God first, then their church's leadership, their worship team, and their congregation.

Pursuing Excellence

Excellence starts with a godly self-esteem, which worship leaders need to instill in their team members by helping them to understand who they are in Christ. Excellence is not something we arrive at, but something we continually pursue; it is a state of "being" more than a state of "doing. "