The Renewal Of Sunday Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

This section offers a number of useful resources for the task of thinking through worship renewal and in leading the congregation in renewed worship. Articles include patterns of worship, materials on preaching, and helpful ideas for worship planners and leaders that run the gamut from the liturgical to praise-and-worship traditions.

Worship Among The Churches

  1. Worship Renewal Among The Contemporary Churches

Introducing Worship Renewal

  1. What Is Worship Renewal?
  2. Descriptions Of Worship Renewal
  3. Models Of Renewing Worship

Resources For Sunday Worship

  1. Styles Of Worship
  2. Resources for the Acts of Entrance
  3. Resources For The Service Of The Word
  4. Resources For The Service Of The Table
  5. Resources For The Acts Of Dismissal

Resources For Preaching In Worship

  1. A Brief History Of Preaching
  2. Styles Of Preaching
  3. Approaches To Preaching

Resources For Planning And Leading Worship

  1. Being A Worship Leader
  2. Developing Management Skills For Leading Worship
  3. Leading Worship
  4. Planning Worship