Music And The Arts In Christian Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

This section examines all the forms and styles of music and the arts from both the past and the present. Articles detail the historical development of music, the visual arts, drama, dance, and mime. Use of the arts is addressed, providing the reader with sensitive and detailed guidance for implementing or introducing music and the arts in his or her own worship community.

Music And The Arts Among The Churches

  1. Music And The Arts Among The Contemporary Churches

Music In Worship

  1. The Theological Foundations Of Music In Worship
  2. A Brief History Of Music In Worship
  3. A Brief History Of Congregational Song
  4. A Brief History Of Jubilation
  5. Singing In Worship
  6. Instruments In Worship
  7. Planning Music For Worship
  8. Music Leadership In Worship

The Visual Arts In Worship

  1. Historical, Philosophical, And Theological Perspectives On The Visual Arts In Worship
  2. The Worship Environment
  3. The Primary Visual Arts For Worship
  4. Secondary Visual Arts For Worship
  5. Planning And Creating Visual Art For Worship

Drama And Dance In Worship

  1. Introduction To Drama In Worship
  2. Examples Of Drama For Worship
  3. The Dramatic Arts In Scripture Proclamation
  4. Examples Of Dramatic Arts In Scripture Proclamation
  5. Dance, Movement, And Posture In Worship
  6. Examples Of Dance In Worship
  7. Mime In Worship

The Art Of Language In Worship

  1. The Use Of Language In Worship
  2. Poetry In Worship