The Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

This section provides a solid grounding in what the Bible has to say about worship. These articles and resources explore worship in both the Hebrew tradition and the early Christian church.

Introduction to Biblical Worship

  1. The Names of God In Worship
  2. Symbolism In Biblical Worship
  3. Sacrifice In Biblical Worship
  4. The Numinous Aspect of Biblical Worship
  5. Biblical Worship as Response to Saving Events
  6. Biblical Worship as Re-presentation of Saving Events

History and Institutions of Biblical Worship

  1. History of Israelite and Jewish Worship
  2. History of New Testament Worship
  3. The Tabernacle
  4. The Temple of Solomon
  5. The Synagogue
  6. The Church as an Institution of Worship
  7. Leadership In Biblical Worship

Festivals In Biblical Worship

  1. The Meaning of Feasts In the Biblical Tradition
  2. Festivals of Israel
  3. Biblical Foundations of Christian Festivals

Music and the Arts In Biblical Worship

  1. Biblical Philosophy of the Worship Arts
  2. Music In Israelite Worship
  3. Music In New Testament Worship
  4. Musical Instruments In Scripture
  5. Psalms In Biblical Worship
  6. Hymns In New Testament Worship
  7. Dance and Banners In Worship

The Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship

  1. Charismatic Aspects of Worship
  2. Acts of Entrance In Traditional Worship
  3. Service of the Word
  4. The Lord's Supper (Eucharist)
  5. Other Sacred Actions In Worship
  6. Service of the Lord's Table