Music In New Testament Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

These four entries explain that the New Testament Scriptures do not treat music and musical instrumentation extensively, they contain important references to music in primitive Christianity. And, on the basis of these references, we may develop a general outline of the use of music in early Christian worship.

Music Making In the New Testament

Although the New Testament says little about music making, it is clear that the worship life of the early church was characterized by the use of psalms and other forms of song.

Supernatural and Eschatological References to Music

References to music occur in New Testament texts that are concerned with the raising of the dead or with the Lord's return.

Temple and Synagogue Worship In Early Christianity

The musical culture of Jewish worship was carried over into the church by the Jewish converts to Christianity. In this regard, there was no radical break from Judaism that resulted in new forms of Christian music.

The Philosophy of Music In the New Testament

The philosophy of music in the New Testament is broadly conceived. It is shaped particularly by Paul's worldview, which did not accept the Greek ethos of the arts nor regard them as having intrinsic powers but focused rather on human responsibility. Such a view permitted Paul to encourage the extensive use of music in worship.