Sacrifice In Biblical Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

From the dawn of history until the destruction of the Jerusalem temple in a. d. 70, human beings erected altars and offered sacrifice to the Lord in acts of worship. Since only descendants of Aaron were allowed to officiate at Jewish sacrifices, and genealogical records were destroyed in the siege of Jerusalem, even Judaism abandoned the sacrificial system at that time. Christians, of course, understood the death of Christ as the supreme sacrifice, rendering all others obsolete. The...

Sacrifice In Israelite Worship

Sacrifices were a part of the tribute the Israelite worshiper offered to the God of the covenant. The Pentateuch goes into great detail concerning the altar and the sanctuary as the setting for sacrifice and the various types of sacrifices that were enacted in the worship of Israel.

Sacrifice and Atonement In the New Testament

New Testament Christianity stands in the tradition of Israelite sacrificial worship in viewing Jesus Christ as the ultimate and final sacrifice.