Early Christian Worship

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Links Between New Testament & Early Church Worship

Twentieth-century scholars of the history and theology of worship have searched for links between the worship of the New Testament and the liturgies that begin to emerge around the fourth century. Resources from the first several centuries are meager, and scholars have differed as to how the continuity of liturgy evolved through this period. Evidence does suggest certain lines of development between the worship of the New Testament church and that which emerged during succeeding centuries. The entries in Part 1 explore these connections. These seven entries probe the relationship between New Testament and early Christian worship. Contemporary scholars have disputed the exact shape of early Christian worship and of its development from apostolic worship. However, enough evidence exists to grasp basic connections between the New Testament worshiping communities and those of the early churches.

  1. The Search For The Origins Of Christian Worship
  2. An Introduction To Daily Prayer
  3. The Influence Of The Synagogue On Early Christian Worship
  4. The Tripartite Structure Of Prayer And The Trinitarian Formulary
  5. Ordination And Worship Leadership In The Early Church
  6. Charismatic Gifts In Early Christian Worship
  7. Worship In The Book Of Revelation And The Eastern Orthodox Liturgy