The Sacred Actions Among The Churches

Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor

Sacred Actions Among The Contemporary Churches

Christians have always had diverse opinions on the sacred actions that take place in worship. Sacramental churches-Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and some mainline Protestant churches-regard the Lord's Supper, baptism, and sometimes other actions as special signs that bestow grace on those who receive them. Other Protestant groups believe that the sacraments by themselves confer no special power and do not necessarily indicate the presence of God. They tend to refer to sacred actions as ordinances or actions to be observed because Christ commanded his followers to do so. Regardless of their theology, as shown in these entries, all Christians agree on the importance of keeping these sacred actions and on the tremendous benefits that come through their proper observance in worship.

  1. Adventist Churches
  2. American Baptist Churches In The Usa
  3. Anglican/episcopal Churches
  4. Baptists (evangelical Denominations And Independent Baptist Churches)
  5. Baptist General Conference
  6. Brethren (plymouth) Assemblies
  7. Christian Churches And Churches Of Christ
  8. Christian Church (disciples Of Christ)
  9. The Christian And Missionary Alliance Churches
  10. Christian Reformed Church
  11. Church Of God, Cleveland, Tennessee
  12. Churches Of Christ (noninstrumental)
  13. Eastern Orthodox Churches
  14. Evangelical Covenant Church
  15. Evangelical Free Church Of America
  16. Evangelical Lutheran Church In America
  17. Independent Fundamentalist And Evangelical Churches
  18. Lutheran Church–missouri Synod
  19. Mennonite Churches
  20. Messianic Synagogue
  21. The National Baptist Convention Of America, Incorporated
  22. Presbyterian Church (usa)
  23. Progressive National Baptist Convention, Incorporated
  24. Reformed Church In America
  25. The Reformed Episcopal Church
  26. Roman Catholic Churches
  27. The Salvation Army
  28. Southern Baptist Convention Churches
  29. United Methodist Church
  30. The Wesleyan Church
  31. Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  32. An Alternative Approach To The Sacraments Among Free Churches
  33. An Alternative Approach To The Sacraments Among Pentecostal And Charismatic Churches
  34. Alternative Views Of The Sacraments In Seekers’ Service/believers’ Worship