About Us

WorshipLibrary is part of a family of sites under the banner of Sonreign Media, Inc. Sonreign Media uses innovation to resource worship leaders and musicians through the internet. Sonreign began in 1998 under the name PraiseCharts, founded by Ryan Dahl. Since that time, PraiseCharts has become one of the leading resources for downloadable Christian worship music. In 2010, PraiseCharts became Sonreign Media, Inc. The PraiseCharts brand continues to thrive under Sonreign, along with several other sister sites. All of the sites are being developed on a common platform, with the goal of offering customers a single login with everthing designed to work together seamlessly.

Our Support Team

WorshipLibrary is supported by the Sonreign Media support team. We have a network of administrators, programmers, arrangers, producers, writers and executives spread all around the world. Here are some of the key individuals connected to WorshipLibrary:

The Sonreign Media Family

Sonreign Media is in continual development, always looking for new ways to leverage their platform and innovation in order to effectively resource Christian leaders and musicians around the world. Here is a snapshot of some of websites related to WorshipLibrary: