Welcome Association of Christian Librarian members!

WorshipLibrary's features currently include . . .
  • Thousands of scholarly and applicational articles covering a wide range of topics including Sunday worship, the arts in worship, special services, seasonal worship, and the ministries of worship.
  • Foundational materials that describe and explain the worshiping church’s biblical and historical heritage.
  • The full content of the Gold Medallion Award winning Complete Library of Christian Worship. The consumer site for this resource can be found at WorshipLibrary.com.
  • Key resources from texts and publications representing hundreds of publishers.
  • The worship practices of more than 60 traditional and contemporary denominations, ministries, and fellowships – each written by a representative from that group.
  • The works of hundreds of scholars, ministers, musicians, and worship leaders (contributors).

WorshipLibrary is a growing collection with hundreds of new articles, book summaries, excerpts and other resources added each month.

WorshipLibrary will be responsive to the needs of the schools it serves . . .

  • Each quarter, we will contact schools that subscribe to WorshipLibrary.com to query professors’ content requests.
  • Specific requests will be gathered and added as available.
  • We will provide quarterly reports to member schools listing new content and other site updates.

PLUS, despite its name, WorshipLibrary will include broader topics like church history, biblical studies, musicology, and theology.

WorshipLibrary will help further the outreach of schools that offer the resource to their students . . .

  • In addition to being a resource, WorshipLibrary.com will be a forum for providing information about participating schools for those who are looking for an educational program (for themselves or for someone in their church).
  • Professors and students from participating schools can submit non-exclusive content that may be included on the site. This content will be paid royalty on a quarterly, pro rata (i.e., per clickable view) basis. All submissions, it should be noted, will be reviewed for biblical and historical orthodoxy and any submission from a student must come with a recommendation from a professor.